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Learn more about a few of our interventions during public communication operations to present our missions at sea and recent discoveries in the deep sea.

Direct from the Deep

Explore the deep sea as if you were there? Yes, it's now possible with the Tempo-Mini module on the Neptune-Canada website!

Live from the Vessels

To study these extreme ecosystems at the bottom of the sea, our unit takes part in or organises expeditions on a national and international level. Thanks to the UMS Fleet, the unit has the material and human resources to access these inhospitable and difficult-to-access sites.

En Librairie

Nos recherches suscitent en vous une curiosité sans limite ? Oui, mais vous avez peur de vous sentir démunis face au vocable des scientifiques... Prenez donc le temps de lire ce que nous diffusons en librairie pour vous expliquer en quoi consiste notre travail passionnant !


Press coverage

Come and discover here the interventions of our researchers through reports or articles related to our research activities, you will discover how our work is fascinating

Our conferences

Would you like to know more about our latest research? Do not hesitate to come and attend our conferences, which are open to as many people as possible!