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From samples collected from the ocean floor to data analysis and publications, the main mission of our technicians, engineers, teachers and researchers is to study deep-sea ecosystems. Biodiversity, larval dispersal, food webs, habitat characterization, assessment of impacts or study of the production of molecules of economic interest are some of the themes that inspire our team!
If you want to know more about our activities, then follow us and discover the unsuspected riches of the ocean depths!

Under the limelight

RBPGO9: The 9th Biology~Physics Meeting of the Great West 2022

The 9th Meeting of Biology~Physics of the Great West will be held this year at the Ifremer Center of Brittany in Plouzané from June 22 to 24, 2022

send your contributions before April 30 mail to rbpgo2022@gmail.com. Registration before May 20

Any question ? Mail to rbpgo2021@gmail.com

BEEP at One Ocean Summit, Brest, 8-11 Fébruary 2022

BEEP at One Ocean Summit, Brest, 8-11 Fébruary 2022

Maurane Réveil sa thèse en 180 secondes

Published on 25 november 2021

Maurane Réveil sa thèse en 180 secondes


LIA Microbsea

Since November 2018, the LM2E becomes Franco-Chinese. Have a look here !

Réseau Bactériophages France

France Bacteriophage Network

LM2E joints a new network of collaborators in virology field ! Get more here...

Special Issue on Deep Sea Microbiology

Link to editor's website for this special issue edited by Pr. Mohamed JEBBAR in "Research in Microbiology" journal

Latest news


Arts & Science workshop "on board" at the island of Batz

Ile de Batz, Bretagne

From 30th September to 2nd october, Ifremer and Teatr PIBA, in collaboration with ISblue, organise for the second time in a row  a workshop « Art & Science » on the island of Batz !

Launching the first dive of the submersible Nautile at 1700 m depth on the Lucky Strike vent field (©D. Roudeau/Ifremer/Momarsat2022)

Momarsat, here we go again!

Dorsale médio-Atlantique, Açores

EMSO-Azores: the Momarsat 2022 cruise


Master 2 internship position at BEEP!

UMR BEEP - IUEM Plouzané

Our unit offers a Master 2 internship position from January to June 2023 "Study of the diversity of microbial communities involved in the Fe-cycle at active versus inactive deep-sea hydrothermal chimneys"

Last papers

Article published in Frontiers in Marine Science

Article paru dans Scientific Reports

Article published in Communications Biology


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Pierre-Marie Sarradin, Directeur UMR BEEP

Ifremer Centre Bretagne, CS 10070 29280 Plouzané
: Pierre.Marie.Sarradin@ifremer.fr


Claire Geslin, Directrice Adjointe UMR BEEP

IUEM, Rue Dumont d'Urville, 29280 Plouzané
: Claire.Geslin@univ-brest.fr