The last frontier to explore, an environment with potentially 1 million species to discover, the least anthropized area to protect, a vast reservoir of biological, energy and mineral resources to meet the growing world demand. The deep sea have long suffered from  a lack of knowledge due to their difficult accessibility, which has perpetuated the distorted image of a calm, quiet and almost abyssal plain, quiet and almost deserted, preserved from anthropic pressures.

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Under the limelight

Site UBOCC New

Published on 14 december 2022

Le site de l'UBO Culture Collection a été remanié.  

Réseau Bactériophages France

France Bacteriophage Network

LM2E joints a new network of collaborators in virology field ! Get more here...

IRP Microbsea

Presentation of the international laboratory Research Project - IRP
Bilateral cooperation between BEEP and the Chinese Key Laboratory in Marine Genetic Resources at the 3rd Institute of Oceanography (TIO) of China

LIFEDEEPER est lancé

Published on 11 october 2023

Peu connus et pourtant menacés face à une potentielle exploitation de leurs ressources, les grands fonds, en particulier dans un contexte hydrothermal, sont l’objet du projet pluridisciplinaire LIFEDEEPER.

Creation of BIOMEX

Published on 19 march

BIOMEX has been created in January 2024.

Latest news


Forum 2024 BEEP PhD students and post-docs

IUEM amphitheatre A at 9 a.m. on Monday

Come and attend the presentations given by BEEP's young researchers.


Presentation Loïs Maignien 29 Mai 2024

Pole Numérique Brest Iroise salle TD Iroise Plouzané

Rencontres Entre R et Mer 29 May 2024


Bicose 3 campaign

medio atlantic ridge

From October 20, 2023 to December 5, more than 30 scientists from Ifremer, CNRS, IRD, Sorbonne University and the Université de Bretagne Occidentale will be on board the Pourquoi pas? as part of the Bicose 3 campaign led by Marie-Anne Cambon. They are studying 5 hydrothermal fields spread over more than 800 km along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, down to depths of over 3,700 meters.

Last papers

Article in press in mBio

Article published in Marine Biodiversity

Article published in Scientific Reports

Article published in  Biogeosciences


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