16th DSBS - Deep Sea Biology Symposium

Organised by the Deep Sea Lab of Ifremer, the 16th DSBS, assembled in 2021 in an hybrid format, around 600 scientists from all over the world to drive forward the science of deepsea biology as well as inspire a new generation of researchers.

The Deep-Sea Biology Symposium is a long-running series of symposia. Previous conferences have been held in Sweden (1977), USA (1981), Germany (1985), France (1988), Denmark (1991), Greece (1994), USA (1997), Ireland (2000), USA (2003), UK (2006), Iceland (2010), New Zealand (2012), Portugal (2015), USA (2018).

The 16th DSBS scientific sessions covered:

  • Conservation topics and stewardship (natural/anthropogenic impacts, conservation, governance);
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (biodiversity patterns, species distribution, function);
  • Life-history traits and population connectivity (reproductive ecology, larval development and dispersal, and population connectivity);
  • Access to deep sea (technological and methodological advances to access and investigate deepsea life, including observatories and cutting edge technologies –e.g. A.I. and omics);
  • Deep-sea biomimicry (discovery of new technologies inspired by deep-sea biological solutions)

Want to know more about this conference, below you can have a glance on the program, the sponsors, the keynotes and the committees of the symposium.